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Commercial Video Security for Clients in Canada

Radius Security is your source for remote video monitoring, CCTVs and video surveillance camera systems in Canada. Our signature Redhanded™ remote guarding solution uses advanced Human Detection Technology™ video analytics software to catch criminals in the act. And we are committed to earning your trust through excellent service.

Canada-Based, Canada-Owned

The dedicated team at Radius Security – a division of Vancouver Fire and Security – has called Canada home for more than six decades. Our video surveillance systems protect businesses and families across Metro Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal and Ottawa.

And our commitment is to you, all Canadians. Not exclusively affiliated with any manufacturers, we recommend whichever camera or video security system best fits your security situation. We integrate video, access control and intrusion detection systems that work for you.

Immediate Response, Long-Term Relationship

Why would you install a video surveillance system? Because you want an immediate response if anything goes wrong. You expect the very best service, from professionals who know and understand your city. That's why Radius Security offers 24/7, year-round service.

At Radius Security, we're firmly committed to building a long-term relationship with you.


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