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Begin Your New Year With Peace of Mind: A Security Check List

February 10th, 2020 | by Radius Security | in Security

Business security and commercial security checklist

Business  and Commercial Security Health Check

In the repetition and routines of our day to day lives, it is easy to become complacent and start to overlook certain things. Business security and commercial security should never be overlooked, so if you have not thought about it for awhile, then make sure you begin your new year with peace of mind by checking out this security list for your business.

Window and Door Locks Are Secure

Exterior doors and windows are the number one way in which intruders gain access. As part of your security check, you should ensure that all doors and windows are securely locked whenever your business is closed or unoccupied. You should make sure that doors free from damage, and properly latch when let go off. Make sure windows are in good repair, and reinforced as much as possible to prevent easy shattering.

Alarm System is Functioning

If your business has a simple alarm system, or a more advanced security system, it is still advised to check to make sure it is properly functioning. This includes testing to make sure your siren works, any motion detectors are operating, as well as door and window sensors.

Gates and Service Bays

You will also want to check any outside gates to make sure they are securely closed, especially when the property is not occupied. Make sure any latches are securely catching, and any padlocks or other locks are clicked shut, and in good working condition. Also, any service bay doors should also be checked to make sure they are secure and can not be lifted when not in use.

Working through a security checklist can help to make sure that your business is completely secure and reduce the risk of a costly break-in. Of course, Canad Radius Security is here for you to help you through this and make sure your business is secure and well protected, 24 hours a day.



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