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Can I use Remote Guarding in my Toronto Car Dealership?

June 25th, 2018 | by Radius Security | in Security

If you are looking for a security option for your Toronto car dealership, consider remote guarding as a great option to keep your dealership safe. If you are worried about any of the following threats to your dealership, remote guarding may be a great option for you:

  • Vandalism to the site and vehicles;
  • Vehicle theft;
  • Fuel siphoning; and
  • Theft of vehicle parts.

Remote guarding replaces expensive on-site security guards with advanced video monitoring technology which can help combat the above worries at a fraction of the cost. New technologies in remote guarding capabilities offer features such as video analytics, filters for weather and wildlife, and tracking and notification software to ensure you will be alerted immediately as soon as any unexpected visitors are detected.

Station operators, once altered to movement on site, can alert police or engage sirens, strobe lights, or audio on-site to scare away thieves. Your property can be remotely patrolled at any time, via the Internet from anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Remote Guarding

If you are considering remote guarding for your Toronto car dealership, consider the following benefits:

  • Reduces loss of assets;
  • Eliminates false alarms;
  • Prevents crime;
  • Avoids downtime due to damage or theft; and
  • Peace of mind by allowing you to view your property at any time.

With remote guarding, the benefits plus the cost savings on security prove it to be a worthwhile investment. Give yourself the peace of mind that your Toronto dealership will be safely monitored once you have gone home for the day – or even while travelling abroad!



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