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Dealing With Overnight Vehicle Damage in a Toronto Car Dealership

May 28th, 2019 | by Radius Security | in Security

overnight car dealership

Car dealerships in Toronto are an common target for theft and other unfortunate crimes conducted overnight. Often times, thieves will target vehicle inventory that is parked outside, and this can result in:

-        Catalytic converter theft

-        Tire and rim theft

-        Diesel Siphoning

Over time, if this happens on a consistent basis, it can cost a dealership and its owner lots of money, not only in physical losses, but also in time and potentially loss of sales as new parts and repairs are waited for.

Thankfully, there are options for dealing and preventing theft. Remote Guarding Security is an excellent system that can work to prevent and apprehend would-be thieves.

Remote guarding security is a proven effective way of stopping and helping police apprehend criminals and thieves. These systems use CCTV cameras and sophisticated human detection software to look for and alert monitoring centers to the presence of unwanted guests and intruders. Real time monitors can right away contact the police, allowing for an immediate response. This is more effective then regular security cameras which provide footage far too late, long after the criminal has already moved on.

Remote guarding security is also just as effective as a real security guard, but at a fraction of the price. Remote guarding also has verified threat detection, meaning there are no false alarms and no resulting fines from false police calls. You are also able to access remote guarding directly from your smart phone or internet device, meaning you can also watch your property at night, and make sure your expensive inventory is safe.

If you have no security, or are using outdated and ineffective camera systems, now may be the time to protect your Toronto based car dealership from theft. Call Radius Security today. 



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