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Do I Need Leak Detection Technology in My Construction Site?

November 15th, 2018 | by Radius Security | in Security

water leak in construction project

A water leak in your construction project can be a huge issue – undetected water can cause enough damage to completely ruin a construction project. Issues such as water damage, work delays, and financial liability from water leaks have been enough to stop a project completely. In many cases, insurance will not cover water damage at a construction site – meaning that detecting a leak as soon as possible could save a lot of money, and potentially the project as a whole.

In many cases, leaks can go undetected by the human eye. Especially in large or tall buildings, visual inspections aren’t always enough to detect a leak.

How Leak Detection Works

A leak detection system at your construction site can mean the difference between finishing a project, or having it devastated by water. A leak detection system monitors water flow rates, and reports back to a central monitoring station where suspicious water activity is noted and followed up upon. Operators at the monitoring station can either contact on-site technicians, or can remotely turn the construction site’s water off completely if necessary.

With leak detection technology, you no longer have to worry about a leak going unnoticed within your construction projects. An unnoticed leak can cause a crippling amount of damage to a construction project – and water damage is typically not covered under insurance. Having a leak detection system at your site can give you some peace of mind in ensuring that an unnoticed leak will not halt your project.



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