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Do Outdoor Security Cameras Work in Toronto Winter?

February 10th, 2020 | by Radius Security | in Security

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Video Surveillance Security Cameras

The importance of video surveillance as part of your outdoor security system can not be overstated.

Video surveillance is important in not only providing evidence for criminal activity or mischief, but also acting as a deterrent to prevent it. Security cameras can also limit damage, as they allow for a quick response time should something happen. When choosing an outdoor security camera system in Toronto, it is important to consider Winter weather conditions and make sure you choose a system that will work under any condition.

Security Cameras Operating Temperature

First off, Toronto winters can get very cold, especially overnight. You want to make sure that your home or business is protected at all hours of the day, so choosing a camera that operates in a wide temperature range is very important. Look for a camera that can operation in conditions as cold as -40C to ensure continued operation in any Winter temperatures.

Security Cameras Ingress Protection and Waterproofing

Another feature to look for with a video surveillance system is the Ingress Protection Rating. This rating focuses on how well protected a camera is from solids, and liquids. The rating is simple to understand, as it is made up of a 2-digit number. The first digit, from 0 to 6, determines how resistant the camera is to solid objects, such as dust or dirt. The second digit, from 0 to 8, determines how watertight the camera is against liquids. The higher the numbers, the better protected the camera is. Look for a camera with a high IP rating, such as IP66 or IP68 to ensure it will work in a Toronto Winter.

These are the two main considerations for making sure you choose a video surveillance system that will survive and work in a Toronto Winter. Of course, other features such as IR, video quality and human detection are also important considerations. Canada Radius Security is here to help you find the right surveillance system to keep your assets safe this Winter season.




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