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Does the Security Risk Increase Around Christmas for Toronto Businesses?

December 23rd, 2019 | by Radius Security | in Security


The need for Toronto business security has continued to grow year after year, with Christmas time seeing a spike in break-ins and burglaries. Everything from residential homes, to retail businesses and even commercial buildings has a larger security risk around the holiday season, and this may be due to a few reasons.

Busy Holiday Season

If you have ever gone to a shopping mall or other retail location in the days leading up to Christmas, then you know just how busy these locations can be. All this foot traffic means it is easier than ever for burglars and thieves to make off with items, as the plethora of other visitors provides plenty of cover and distractions.

Businesses Are Shut Down

Of course, while retail businesses face increased theft risk, commercial businesses will be faced with an increase in break-ins. Many commercial buildings shut down for at least a few days around Christmas and New Years, and many burglars are more aware of this then ever. An empty office or commercial building space makes for a more enticing target - especially when this is paired with the fact that it is unlikely anyone will be randomly stopping in.

With these increase security risks around Christmas in the Toronto business area, having proper commercial security systems such as surveillance with human detection technology can help to make the difference between deterring a burglar, and having a costly insurance claim. Trust Radius Security with your Holiday security needs.



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