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How Can I Prevent Copper Theft From My Construction Site?

March 21st, 2020 | by Radius Security | in Security

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Copper theft is not becoming a serious problem, it already is! Copper theft is often reported in the news and discussed because of how widespread and commonplace it is now. The high price of copper and how commonly it is used in the construction industry are both contributing factors. In order to prevent copper theft, it has become essential to invest in construction site security

Remote Guarding Security

The most effective way of preventing copper theft from your construction site is to invest in remote guarding security. Remote Guarding is a combination of remote video monitoring and video analytics software to keep watch on your site. This combination uses human detection software to detect and track any human activity.

What helps to make this so effective at protecting your construction site and preventing copper theft is that remote Guarding filters out false alarms caused by wildlife or other triggers, thanks to the human detection software. This means that any human detection past hours can be treated as a serious threat, and immediate action be taken by the remote monitoring center.

Remote monitoring is cheaper and more effective than a paid security guard and gives real-time information rather than a video when it is too late. Because of the reduction is false alarms, and the verification by a real person, officers and law enforcement are more likely to attend and help protect your assets.

A job site with no protection is the perfect place for a thief to steal valuable copper, causing loss to your bottom line. If the presence of multiple cameras is not enough to make them second guess targeting your construction site, you can rest assured knowing that remote Guarding will mean you are aware, right away. Take your construction site security seriously and make copper theft a thing of the past.



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