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How Does Human Detection Technology Improve the Security of my Business?

January 31st, 2019 | by Radius Security | in Security

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Human Detection Technology has made leaps and bounds in previous years, and has become an essential part of business safety and business security.

Human detections technology is the ability for live CCTV camera feeds to localize and detect the presence of a human.

Why is this important?

Business security systems have often been video recording systems that are always on, or constantly recording hours and hours of footage. This footage has been useful in identifying a person, or activity, after it has already taken place. This is too late to prevent theft or vandalism or any other danger to your property from happening.

Fortunately, the rise of human detection technologies in business security systems means that cameras are able to detect, in real time, the presence of a person. When paired with wi-fi, this device is then able to send an instant notification to a smart phone or other internet device. This notification gives the user the ability to act quickly, identifying if the person is unauthorized, and calling the authorities if required. The system could also be setup to automatically notify a monitoring company or instantly activate an alarm.

Advanced human tracking camera systems are also able to mechanically follow an unauthorized individual, meaning that a system that is set up properly is able to cover an entire area and get a complete capture of events. This can be vital in making sure your business is safe and protected.

If you have not looked at upgrading your archaic CCTV and business safety and security systems, now might be the time. Talk to the professionals at Radius Security to learn more.




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