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How does Video Alarm Verification Improve Police Response times in Canada?

October 18th, 2018 | by Radius Security | in Security


Video alarms are quickly becoming the most popular option for residential alarm systems across Canada. Video verification is now also becoming a sought-after feature by building onto the success of video self-surveillance options by offering remote surveillance options, where video from an alarm gets delivered directly to a central station, where the alarm can be acted upon if necessary.

Making video from home security systems available to a central monitoring station means that the operator can instantly verify the need for help, and can request police help immediately if required. This leads to far faster police response times than ever before.

With video verification, the operator receives the video as the alarm is happening – not to be confused with “remote video investigation” which involves a review of the footage after the alarm has been triggered. The video verification operator would use the cameras to find out why the alarm was triggered, right as it is happening.

Because of the equipment and work involved, video verification started with quite high associated costs for both the initial equipment and install, and the monitoring. However, with development of the industry and technology in recent years, video verification is gradually becoming more and more affordable.

Video verification systems are proven to increase home security by shortening police response times – because an operator is always on hand to monitor exactly what is happening when the alarm sounds at your home. Because of the nature of a video verification call, response from law authorities is faster as these calls are classified as an “in progress” crime – traditional security systems that call after the fact receive a much lower priority by default.

If you are looking for the best way to keep your home safe at a reasonable cost, video verification systems are quickly becoming the most recommended type of video surveillance for residences.



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