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How to Choose the Right Security Camera for Your Home

August 24th, 2015 | by Radius Security | in Security

home security.jpgWhen choosing a security camera for your home the first thing to decide is what is most important to you.  Things to consider are:

1)    Setup costs

2)    Monthly costs

3)    Monitoring coverage

4)    Smart phone access

5)    Customer service

6)    Equipment warranty

7)    Home automation

Once you’ve decided and prioritized the above considerations it’s time to consider the variety of security cameras available. 

Infrared (IR) Security cameras provide high resolution color video during the day.  In low light or no light conditions they are the preferred camera type. They can be used indoors or outdoors as they can be weatherproofed and are then able to withstand hot and cold temperatures without additional camera housings.

Dome cameras include infrared domes, indoor domes, outdoor domes, vandal proof domes, and pan tilt zoom controllable domes. Dome cameras provide clear color high resolution pictures suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Pro box cameras provide high quality video and tend to be used commercially as they tend to be too expensive for typical home use.

Pan tilt zoom (PTZ) cameras can be controlled through DVR, remote viewing software and/or a joystick. These are cameras that can be controlled through the DVR, remote viewing software, and/or a joystick. These cameras are expensive and the question is “do you need a pan tilt zoom camera” or can you use fixed cameras to get the desired solution?

Hidden cameras offer a high degree of surveillance without anyone knowing however they do not have infrared capabilities which limits their performance in low light.  In addition most hidden cameras are not weatherproof they are not as useful outdoors.

In summary, things to consider when buy a security camera for your home are:

1)    Wireless or wired

2)    Bright light or low light

3)    Indoor or outdoor

4)    Fixed or PTZ

5)    On premises or remote viewing access



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