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Is Multiple Feed Video Surveillance a Good Security Option for a Toronto Parking Lot?

October 30th, 2018 | by Radius Security | in Security


Multiple feed video surveillance systems are a great option to keep your Toronto area parking lot safe and secure. This type of surveillance system is reliable, flexible, and unlikely to fail. Because of this, multi feed systems give you exceptional power to keep your parking lot secure.

What is a Multiple Feed Video Surveillance System?

A multiple feed video surveillance system includes many video streams, algorithms that can detect unusual activity, and the power of the watchful human eye. Personnel are watching the video feeds consistently to identify any suspicious goings on – usually coupled with algorithms that can help to notify the human personnel of activity. This team ensures that strange goings on are noticed and can be acted upon.

Setting up Multiple Feeds

The exact specifications of setting up multiple feeds for your site will differ from area to area, but the general idea is to set up multiple cameras at the site – plus a monitoring station. Some businesses may opt to have more than one monitoring station to ensure nothing gets past the personnel watching. Depending on what exact features you require, the initial start up costs can sometimes be costly – but are well worth the start up to ensure the ultimate protection of your Toronto lot.

Because multiple feed video surveillance systems are flexible, powerful, and unlikely to fail, they are the best option for protecting your Toronto parking lot. Take control over your security by considering a multiple feed video surveillance system today.




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