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The Benefits of Adding Intrusion Detection to Your Existing Security Plan

November 30th, 2015 | by Radius Security | in Security

If you take your security seriously, you probably already have a security plan in place at your home and/or business. Security technology keeps improving, and one of the latest offerings is intrusion detection. There are several benefits to adding intrusion detection to your already existing security plan.


Using intrusion detection you are able to immediately know if and when someone has entered into your secured building. Sensors work to detect intruders, and your security cameras will allow you to zoom in on the area in question and verify whether or not the movement is warranted.


These systems automatically inform you or your security guards that intrusion has been detected, cutting down on the response time required.

Intrusion detection allows for a much faster response to any security issues, which makes a big difference when it comes to your safety and wellbeing. Instead of having to wait and wonder if someone has breached your security, you can act quickly, working with Video Surveillance Vancouver to prevent any further problems.


Intrusion detection is also very beneficial if you are monitoring your building off-site. You do not have to be present to know that something is not right – instead, the system will pick it up automatically and inform you.


Having a robust security system keeps you and the people present in your building safe. It also ensures that any belongings or merchandise are safe from intrusion, so you will not lose valuable items or have to spend lots of money replacing stolen goods.


Why not do all you can to keep yourself, your building, and your belongings safe from harm? Intrusion detection adds to what you already have, keeping what you want to keep in, in, and what you want to keep out, out.



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