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What Are The Benefits of Remote Video Surveillance?

July 16th, 2015 | by Radius Security | in Security

For as long as you can remember, whenever you thought about security systems or cameras, they always seemed to be pertinent to businesses. Department stores would use them to watch customers as they browsed the racks, banks used them to watch for any suspect behavior, companies would keep an eye on parking lots at night.

Now, you see video cameras just about everywhere you look. They are always at red lights, on street corners, and even on your neighbor’s garage. Businesses have seized on the idea that video surveillance equipment is perfect for businesses of all types and sizes, and it can also be a great idea for home use, too.

Whether you are hooking up video surveillance for your home or business doesn’t matter. What is important is that video equipment has become so much more affordable.

There are definite benefits of remote video surveillance. So, let’s take a look at what a few of those benefits are:

  • Helps to keep down crime. When video cameras are visible, people tend not to commit crimes. When cameras are hidden, you can see what people are doing without them being aware of it. You may want to watch employees or a babysitter in your home.
  • Ability to access from anywhere. You may have important documents or items that you need to watch on a daily basis. A remote video surveillance system allows you to access what is going on from your computer, tablet, smartphone or anyplace else at any time.
  • Monitor pets or kids. With a remote system you can check on your children before you get home and also see what Fido is up to.
  • Keep an eye on your elderly parent. This gives you added peace of mind and your mom or dad will feel better, too.



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