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What is the Best Security Solution for a Construction Site in Toronto?

May 29th, 2018 | by Radius Security | in Security

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Security at your Toronto construction site is one aspect that should not be looked past. While worrying about the immediate aspects of a construction project: materials, the work being done, and what is happening day-to-day – don’t forget about what may happen at night or when no one is around working. Hiring a competent security company can save a lot of money and headache in the event of a theft.

Why Security is Necessary for a Construction Site

Especially in urban areas such as Toronto, construction sites are an easy target for theft – materials sitting out and expensive equipment are items commonly stolen from Toronto construction sites. One study showed that the most common thefts from construction sites included lumber, tools, and appliances. Additionally, vandalism can be costly to rectify and construction sites are high-risk for this as well.

New Technology for Construction Site Security

Recent advancements in technology have given the construction industry a big boost in security options. Remotely controlled advanced monitoring systems such as the Redhanded™ system provide an easy-to-use and functional tool for ensuring the security of your vulnerable construction site. These systems can trigger an alert to authorities, sound off an alert, or initiate strobe lights to scare off an intruder. You can also remotely check in on your site from anywhere, as long as you have internet access.

With remote surveillance technology, your construction site can be kept safe from theft and vandalism. This will help to avoid production downtime, loss of materials and equipment, and prevent future crimes by aiding in the apprehension of criminals. For ultimate peace of mind, remote security area must-have for your Toronto construction site.



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