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Why a Secure Password is Important for Your Surveillance System

July 16th, 2015 | by Radius Security | in Security

We’re all well aware of how important it is to use secure passwords when we make purchases online or access our private accounts. You may not realize that hackers have found ways to infiltrate surveillance systems as well and they may use the information or video in ways you never intended. Even something as innocent as a baby monitor can be hacked into. Recent news items have certainly made more people aware of the risks, but it’s critical that you understand just how to create a secure password and who you’re protecting yourself, your family, or your business from.

Who’s Hacking Surveillance Systems

You’re probably interested in keeping your private life private - most of us want that. Surveillance systems are often used in order to keep a property secure, such as external video surveillance on businesses or homes. They’re also used in order to keep an eye on the ones we love, such as baby monitors or nanny cams. So who would want access to the video streams from these systems?

The answer isn’t simple or straightforward. In some cases, it may simply be a case of someone testing out their skills with no intention of using what they see. But others may hope to use the footage online or even to threaten the owners of the security system. Video surveillance can be used to determine when a home or business is empty and unprotected if accessed in the wrong ways.

Creating a Secure Password

Fortunately, high quality security and surveillance systems have built in protections against these kinds of threats. A secure password will make it infinitely harder for a hacker to get into your system. Come up with something that you can remember, that combines letters and numbers, and that doesn’t have a logical connection to you.

Great surveillance systems are meant to protect you from harm. Used correctly, they’ll continue to do just that.



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