Looking to protect outdoor assets at your car dealership? Worried about

  • Vehicle theft
  • Vehicle and site vandalism
  • Fuel siphoning
  • Parts fencing (catalytic converters, tailgates)

By replacing on-site security guards with advanced video monitoring technology, Redhanded™ video surveillance will save you a minimum of 40% on your security costs.

Unlike traditional CCTV or video security cameras, Redhanded™ remote guarding

  • Uses video analytics, comparing incoming video to a memory bank of 50,000 objects—24/7/365.
  • Filters out motion caused by wildlife, weather and other outdoor conditions.
  • Tracks any persons entering your premises and alerts Radius operators, who respond immediately.

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Radius Security monitoring station operators can silently alert police, or engage on-site sirens, strobe lights and audio to scare away would-be thieves. Even if there is no alarm tripped, security personnel can remotely patrol your property. In fact, you can do so yourself via the Internet, from anywhere in the world.

Why use Redhanded™ Remote Guarding Security for your Business?

  • Prevent future crime and apprehend criminals
  • Reduce theft and loss of assets
  • Eliminate false alarms, resulting in faster police response
  • Avoid production downtime
  • Avoid insurance claims
  • View your premises 24/7 on your smartphone

“…. The level of professionalism is excellent, the service is outstanding… As we grow as a dealer group, we are always going to be adding you…” – Aly Jiwani – GM OpenRoad BMW, Langley

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Call Radius Security now for a free Redhanded™ remote guarding consultation for your Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal or Ottawa Car Dealership: 604.232.2405

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