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Across Canada, Radius Security stops crimes in progress with our Redhanded™ remote guarding solution. Combining Human Detection Technology™ and state-of-the-art video surveillance, our security cameras monitor your site 24/7. Unlike human guards, Redhanded™ never gets tired.

And unlike DVRs and traditional CCTV, Redhanded™ catches criminals in the act. Radius professionals in Vancouver can monitor crimes in progress in Toronto or Edmonton and dispatch local police. Radius’ real-time video alarm verification ensure a priority-1 police response.

Whether you're protecting a Vancouver auto dealership, a Toronto construction site, or a Calgary warehouse with outdoor assets, Radius can help you catch bad guys red-handed.

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Other Services

In Metro Vancouver—from Tsawwassen to Whistler, from West Vancouver to Abbotsford and Chilliwack—Radius Security services also include

  • Access control – active control of gates, entrances, perimeters, and internal and external checkpoints
  • Intrusion detection – protection of indoor/internal locations
  • CCTV and other video surveillance
  • Video alarm verification
  • Commercial and residential security solutions, from medical alarms to fire monitoring

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Access Control

Every business employs some form of access control. You want to control who goes where and when on your premises. Access control also allows you to track time and attendance. It could be mechanical locks on your windows and doors, an electronic card reader, or biometrics which verify your credentials on site. You can install a basic card reader into a parking garage, or an enterprise system across several locations.

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You can also read more about access-control-systems in our blog.

Intrusion Detection

If an unauthorized person entered your business, would you know – and how soon would you know? Perhaps all you need is an audible alarm when a window breaks or a door is pried open. Then there are video security solutions: an instant video clip when someone breaks into your storage room, or a comprehensive video surveillance system complete with sophisticated motion sensors, cameras and password-protected key pads. Or, perhaps, you have an existing CCTV system and need to enhance your video surveillance solution with glass-break sensors and an alarm response protocol.

Every building configuration presents unique challenges and requires a custom solution for intrusion detection and video surveillance. Motion sensors, contacts, glass-break detectors, security cameras—these tools can play critical roles in detecting intruders.

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CCTV/Video Surveillance

Traditionally, closed-circuit television (CCTV) monitors and cameras form the core of most video surveillance systems. The term refers to a system of arranging security cameras (in a closed circuit), rather than a specific type of camera. In fact, CCTV systems encompass a wide range of cameras.

Analog CCTV security systems record footage for later review, while digital CCTV video footage can be stored and viewed via the Internet. Video stored on a VCR, DVR or hard drive must be compressed to save space, resulting in blurry, low-resolution images. IP or network security cameras store footage on an embedded server, which processes slightly higher-quality images.

While CCTV has a variety of applications, not all CCTV cameras are ideal for outside monitoring. Some don’t have the flexibility of different focal lengths and performance under different lighting conditions. More sophisticated cameras have adjustable iris lenses, pan/tilt/zoom capability and can be operated remotely.

Going a step further, Radius’ Redhanded™ remote guarding system uses Human Detection Technology™ to analyze and track input from these more sophisticated cameras. Unlike traditional CCTV video surveillance systems, Redhanded™ does not rely on human guards to monitor video feeds 24/7.

As an alternative to a 24/7 security video feed with video analytics, you may opt for a camera that only generates video clips when the camera detects an intruder. Or, combine these tools to suit your needs.

Thanks to dramatic advancements in security technology, your business security camera systems can be as straightforward or as sophisticated as your business demands and your budget allows.

Video Alarm Verification

Beyond audible burglar alarms, DVRs and video surveillance security cameras, Radius video alarm verification adds an extra level of protection to your existing system. Our Redhanded™ remote guarding system allows Radius security professionals to verify crimes in real-time. Our [Iris?] cameras, meanwhile can generate 10-second video clips, capturing an incident from just before and after an alarm is tripped.

Because 95 to 99 percent of dispatched calls from security systems are false alarms, police respond when and if they can. When Radius operators verify crime in progress, police assign the incident top priority. Adding video alarm verification to your existing security system will

  • Reduce response times (typically from 20 minutes to less than 5 minutes)
  • Eliminate false alarms
  • Increase apprehensions 100-fold

Video alarm verification also saves you money. More apprehensions mean fewer insurance claims and lower premiums. VAV solutions can also be used for remote tracking and loss prevention.

"Kari, Kim and the team at Radius Security has been very helpful, flexible and reliable. Our install was completed ahead of schedule with zero complaints about a few bumps in the road and changes on the fly. Lorne provided online training of the camera and security system, which is a time and cost saver. Our store is located in another city and the system gives us peace of mind. Highly recommending Radius for security needs." - Monica, Director Store Development, WCCS

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Commercial Security

Want a closed-circuit TV to monitor your small business operation? Looking for an intelligent video surveillance system to guard multiple locations? Perhaps you’re not sure what you want or need to secure your business assets.

The security experts at Radius can help. From a basic commercial burglar alarm system to a sophisticated integrated system with alarms, access control, intrusion detection, and video surveillance, we can put together a package that works for you.

  • Enhance security for your business
  • Minimize corporate loss and liability
  • Protect your customers and employees

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Home Security

Does your home feel unsafe? Whether you’re concerned about thieves, medical emergencies or fire, Radius is here to help protect those you love. We can monitor your home and family around the clock, so that you can work, sleep and travel with peace of mind.

Our home security services include

  • Free security evaluation
  • Access control, intrusion detection
  • CCTV, video surveillance
  • Redhanded™ remote guarding
  • Video monitoring from your smartphone
  • Smoke detectors
  • CO detectors
  • Medical alarms
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Water detectors

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