Remote Guarding security (Video monitoring)

Remote guarding, also known as remote video monitoring, lets you use an intelligent video surveillance system to create a virtual security patrol.

Want the assurance of a security patrol, but can't work it into your budget? Radius’ Redhanded™ remote guarding system offers the perfect solution:

  • CCTVs and intelligent video surveillance cameras monitor premises
  • Our Human Detection Technology™ video analytics software enables security cameras to track objects in real time
  • Live video and audio feeds
  • Radius Security personnel directly engage intruders and conduct scheduled virtual patrols
  • Police can be notified while incidents are still in progress
  • A fraction of the cost of a live patrol
  • One all-inclusive monthly fee - Maintenance is included no need to upgrade or repair equipment.

I don’t have to worry about somebody sleeping here. Even with guards, I’ve had break-ins in front [of them]. -- Aly Jiwani, Open Road BMW Langley

no more guards

How Remote Guarding Video Surveillance Works

Radius’ Redhanded™ remote guarding video surveillance strategy relies on a system of cameras, security equipment and software to monitor your premises. Using complex algorithms with predetermined criteria, the camera's Human Detection Technology™ software detects, categorizes and tracks objects in real time. The camera then processes video to separate foreground elements from the background. It can distinguish between animals, people and vehicles in all weather and lighting conditions.

Once an alarm has been tripped, our central monitoring station operators respond immediately. A live video feed provides a real-time view of the secured area and with a specialized camera. Operators can pan, tilt and zoom in on any suspicious activity. They can also remotely set off strobe lights and sirens, and engage with intruders via live two-way audio feeds. After verifying an alarm, they notify police and provide video surveillance footage, if required.

Why Would I Need Remote Guarding?

This intelligent video surveillance system lends itself to a broad range of uses, beyond even what a live security patrol can do. Some key applications include:

  • Theft. Guard valuables. Watch shoplifters. Prevent employee theft and copper theft.
  • Vandalism. Stop graffiti and other reckless property damage.
  • Loitering. Warn loiterers directly via two-way audio feed.
  • Crowd and traffic management. Preventing overcrowding. Track vehicles and traffic flow.
  • Unattended objects. Spot dumping and suspicious packages.
  • Secure area monitoring. Shopping malls, construction sites, office towers, college campuses, science lab all have high-security areas.
  • Perimeter intrusion. Stop intruders in their tracks – before they do any damage.

This flexible video monitoring system is critical for managing a wide range of sites. Schools, auto dealers, theme parks, sports facilities, construction companies and correctional facilities alike rely on it 24/7 to prevent theft and vandalism. Redhanded™ remote video monitoring can also protect critical infrastructure, such as chemical plants, data centres and power plants. If your secured area spans multiple sites, such as parking garages, retail outlets or entrance gates, the Radius Security team can integrate the components into a seamless network, monitoring all locations at once.

Still wondering whether Redhanded™ remote guarding could benefit your business? Contact us today to find out more.

Redhanded™ Remote Guarding Security Advantage

Proactive. Because Radius personnel can confront intruders or identify behaviours directly through live video and two-way audio feeds, Redhanded™ Remote Guarding prevents crime before it happens.

Continuous. Analytics-enabled video surveillance cameras never take coffee breaks or fall asleep. They detect intruders 24/7.

Immediate. Our central station operators can respond to an intrusion within seconds of an alarm.

Cost-effective. Video surveillance cameras draw no salary or benefits. And it costs far less to prevent a theft than to replace or repair stolen goods.

Intelligent. Since the security camera can distinguish between random and suspicious movement – a dog or leaf, as opposed to a person, for example – Human Detection Technology™ video analytics works well for public areas.

Whether you have an analog CCTV system or digital IP video surveillance system, or none at all, we can craft a Redhanded™ remote guarding package to fit your security needs. Contact us today.

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